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Discussing Digital Transformation & Tech Solutions With Strategic Reform’s Managing Consultant, Ben

With over 20 years of experience in the tech and consultancy industry, Strategic Reform’s Managing Consultant, Ben Gray provides solutions to businesses through digital transformation.

As Managing Consultant of Strategic Reform, Ben’s knowledge of business operations, and technical expertise work to improve business processes with technology solutions and business strategies.

Strategic Reform provides consulting services to businesses through digital products and services. This is achieved through expert business strategy, technology and digital solutions that deliver long-lasting and transformative change for a range of organisations.

Ben took the time to sit down with us to discuss his experience and digital transformation strategies.

What Is Your Working Experience?

I’ve been working as the Managing Consultant at Strategic Reform for two years. Before starting with Strategic Reform, I spent 18 years working in various roles within consultancy and as a public servant. For the last 14/15 years, I have worked in tech consultancy for businesses and technology partners and the last seven years in management consulting.

Describe Your Position And The Workplace Culture At Strategic Reform?

As Managing Consultant, I work with the Strategic Reform team to grow our business by building strong and meaningful relationships with clients and delivering organisations’ solutions through strategy, technology and transformation consulting services.

A strong workplace culture is important to our time, and we believe developing strong bonds within the workplace and with clients is imperative. Collectively, Strategic Reform has many consultants who have worked in tech and business consultancy, so we bring a lot of experience to the table.

How Does Strategic Reform Help Its Clients

At Strategic Reform, we work to strategise and provide solutions to organisations through technology. We begin with an in-depth discovery process to best understand the business, how they operate and learn their current operational processes. We then work with tech providers to develop the right technology stack for the business with enduring solutions to benefit their operations.

What Began Your Interest In The Tech Industry?

I have always been interested in technology. In my consultancy experience, I’ve seen first-hand how IT solutions can accelerate business operations. I have worked with a range of industries and I find great satisfaction in solving business problems with the right technologies.

Why Is Digital Transformation Important For Businesses?

Recently, there has been a push in the need to accelerate digital services and most businesses are trying to automate as much of their operations as possible. This provides a better service for customers, employees and other stakeholders who are becoming more used to hybrid digital and non-digital environments.

We are seeing Government and private organisations streamlining operations and providing a better service for customers through digital transformation processes.

Digital transformation is key for organisations that are trying to leverage as much data as they can and implementing a CRM is a good way to measure customers and track interactions across organisations.

How Does Strategic Reform Help Organisations Through Digital Transformation?

We start every digital and business transformation with a discovery exercise to best understand the organisation, how they operate, and what its current processes are.

We learn as much as we can about the ins and outs of the organisation so we can design a service, product or solution that meets the need of all the stakeholders. By uncovering inefficiencies and problems and we make recommendations for digital solutions that will best solve their issues.

This is a critical step in any transformational engagement. We learn the needs of the company’s stakeholders, and discover what support and training they need. We engage them at every stage of the discovery process and also the implementation stages of their digital transformation.

Describe The Type Of Clients You Implement Digital Transformations For?

We help to manage the transition of technologies into the business areas for a range of organisations. We have worked with several government departments and senior government officials to create clarity of process and develop data pipelines for them.

Every project is different and every digital transformation process is different. We identify the right tech to assist in the organisations’ digital transformation.

Recently, we worked with a senior government official to develop a digital transformation strategy. We started with an in-depth discovery process and worked with trusted advisors to define a digital strategy and how new technologies can be employed.

We strategised with the team to implement Dynamics 365, a CRM solution, financial management system, Uplift, Office 365 and a migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud. This helped to streamline processes and operations for the entire team.

Why Are CRM Solutions Critical For Organisations?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can serve as a fundamental tool for customer interactions. It can track customer interactions and purchases, and act as a help desk. More and more, organisations are trying to leverage as much data from the customers as they can, and a CRM is a good way to measure customers and track their interactions.

We often recommend Microsoft Dynamics as a CRM to provide businesses with a single view of their customers, supply chain operations and prospect new customers.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics Support Digital Transformation?

At Strategic Reform, we use Dynamics to track our customer interactions, sales and marketing activities and have first-hand experience in utilising its capabilities. Dynamics provides analytics in real-time, giving us better insights into our customers.

So, when a client is looking for a customer or case management solution, we will recommend Microsoft Dynamics. It helps to track and measure business data and for organisations who work with real-time operations, Dynamics has the capability to output reporting and business tracking instantly.

Where do you believe the tech industry is heading?

I think we [society] are only starting to scratch the surface on the use of data and how we can utilise it. Most organisations, both private and government, are unlocking more value from their data and that is a service we offer through our digital transformation and offerings with Dynamics 365.

Whether it’s speech recognition, visual interpretation or something new, I believe that artificial intelligence technologies will continue to grow, and so too will their uses.

As sister companies, Cloud Voice & Data and Strategic Reform work together to empower businesses through digital transformations and new technologies.

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