Cloud Voice & Data are network and complex data specialists. We can quickly and easily match you with the right networking solution for your needs, across single or multiple sites.
Our qualified technicians are able to provide end-to-end services, from installation, configuration, commissioning, management, and maintenance.

Cloud Voice & Data offer connections and complex data solutions ranging from mobiles, NBN and 4G all the way to Fibre and Private Networks. Our solution architects will discuss and advise you on the most effective way your business can get connected. Call today to speak to a qualified specialist.

Wifi and Smart-Wifi

‘Smart Wi-Fi’ solutions let your business provide secure Wi-Fi access to staff, customers and the public.

The benefit to you is that you can access detailed user tracking and analytics to understand their behaviour, including purchasing preferences.

You have full visibility of your Wi-Fi network from a single dashboard, even across distributed sites, and see users, applications and performance. It includes inbuilt security, intrusion and network optimisation features to ensure high-performance.

Don’t miss out on this strategic investment – its the perfect opportunity to harness the power of data and dynamically engage with your users.

How will you use the information to your advantage?

Moving to the NBN

Get NBN Ready

Don’t wait until it’s too late. The current ISDN network will become obsolete after the NBN roll out. Move now to SIP lines, and experience multiple benefits immediately.

  • Cost-savings – moving from ISDN to SIP means that internal calls on the
    network don’t have to be managed by your telecommunications provider,
    and you don’t have to purchase services for each site individually.
  • Quality – SIP can be delivered across high bandwidth connections and don’t
    rely on a single connection, improving the quality of your voice calls and any
    other unified communications you add to your basic services.
  • Improved interoperability – increased bandwidth enables you to easily add
    other unified communication solutions to your voice telephony system,
    such as video conferencing, instant messaging and presence and team-
    based management.
  • Portability – because SIP runs through IP, it’s not tied to a physical location. This makes moving premise cheaper and easier, and is great if you use a call-overflow function.

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  • Cloud Voice Data have helped us find some fantastic solutions for our business. It can be daunting to keep across what is available for all your communication needs but Cloud Voice Data have been very helpful with solving my problems. We have noticed a spike in sales as a result of some of the initiatives we have inputted. Service wise they can’t be beaten.

  • I am pleased to write this testimonial for Cloud Voice and Data. They provide a professional reliable service which has been invaluable to us. We rely on our on line systems and with the heavy storm season, power outages and limited internet services they provided us solutions with an understanding of our customer service requirements.

    Sarah Simeoni
    Office Manager, Elders Bangalow