Mobiles and Phone Systems Gold Coast


Want a single device, a business telephony system or an entire call centre?

Get it fast with Cloud Voice & Data.

With multiple purchasing options and service levels – you can get the phone or system you want the way you want it.

  • Get it fast – our experienced technicians can rapidly deploy pre-configured systems and provide end-user support.
  • Get NBN ready – we’ve got solutions ready to go.
  • Level up – ask us about how you can make the most of your telephony investment by value-adding with unified communications.
  • Host your telephony system in the Cloud – for a single low monthly fee, avoid any upfront installation or maintenance costs. Fully-scalable, you don’t have to pay for any lines you’re not using, and you’ll still get the same call-quality and end-user experience.

Get the latest from Mitel

Access Mitel’s world-class phone systems – digital and IP phones, consoles, and conference phones. Get the features and performance you need. Mitel’s solutions all have the ability to integrate with their other innovative enterprise systems, such as MiCollab or MiOffice – and be Cloud hosted!

Get the latest from Aria

In addition to the full range of high-performance Ericsson-LG phones with extensive features, Aria specialise in high-value complete communications bundles, contact centre solutions and complex data packages. Plus, Aria have a range of great value-add software’s for seamless user experience and improved reporting.

Even better – you can get all this through your Telstra Business Account, and take advantage of your business technology fund and Telstra’s great bundles.