Complex Data Solutions

Cloud Voice & Data can also provide a range value-add services for specific business needs. Whether you have an international presence, high-workloads, or want to move away from on-premise infrastructure, we can help.

Through our tier-1 partnership with Telstra, we can deliver either bundled or custom Managed Data Networks – combining on-premise equipment with installation, commissioning, management, maintenance and reporting. Bundles come with either a Managed Router or Managed Switch component and you can chose either Proactive or Reactive managed service style, depending on the criticality of the network. Get 24/7 service coverage, 365 days a year, for a simple monthly fee, with no up-front payments and multiple payment-term options.

Data Centre Interconnect is a point to point connectivity product for domestic and global data centres. With self-service capabilities, instant provisioning and latest self-healing technology – companies with high data-needs can access multiple Clouds on-demand.

Telstra’s Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) offering lets you securely connect multiple sites and remote access users via the internet and manage your entire network service through a single portal. Internet VPN’s provide a simple and accessible service, reducing deployment time from months to minutes.

Cloud Gateway is an integrated, one-stop solution for private, secure and reliable connectivity from a customer’s premises into multiple compatible cloud providers. It overcomes the security and performance challenges of using the public internet, and the complexity of standalone private network connections.

New technologies and applications are taking their toll on network performance. Application Assured Networking is an easy and affordable way to ensure your network capability is directed to the resources that need it most. Detailed monitoring of applications and Policy Controls enable you to maintain productivity and focus on the important work.