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5 Digital Transformation Tips For Australian Not-For-Profits

Are you looking to undertake a digital transformation for your not-for-profit organisation? CVD has carefully curated a list of our top 5 digital transformation tips for not-for-profit organisations.

In recent years, particularly ‘post’ COVID-19, nearly 80% of not-for-profit heads expressed that digitally upskilling their organisation is a high priority.

Building strong and reliable relationships with stakeholders is key for NFPs. With the absence of many key fundraising events, many NFPs have had to rely on their online presence to engage with their donors and beneficiaries. Meeting internal technology needs and matching donor expectations can be a lot to juggle internally.

So, how can your NFP organisation better manage its IT?

Keep reading to discover our top 5 digital transformation tips for Australian not-for-profit organisations to accelerate long-term growth and profitability.

1. What’s your Plan? Developing a Digital Roadmap:

While you may recognise the need to bring your organisation up-to-date digitally, undergoing a digital transformation is not as simple as downloading apps onto your phone. You need a solid plan.

When you work with CVD, we start with a digital audit to understand your existing technology stack and infrastructure. Once we understand what you’ve got (or haven’t got), we work with you to strategise and develop a clear, personalised digital roadmap that aligns your business goals with modern and innovative technology solutions.

Once you’ve got a clear plan in your sights, achieving your IT goals becomes much simpler.

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2. Utilise technology to deliver services

With social distancing mandates and face-to-face restrictions implemented across the globe, many NFPs have had to reconsider stakeholder interactions. It’s time to move away from tired, old processes and adopt new, collaborative digital technologies that meet market expectations and simplify business processes.

The technology solutions and services we offer at CVD help your NFP adapt to the new ‘normal’ way of working – on the Cloud. Our wide range of services enhance workplace efficiencies and improve processes for employees, donors and beneficiaries.

As Microsoft partners, we set up Microsoft Teams as a communication platform for your organisation, giving employees connectivity wherever they may be. We also provide cloud-based solutions to online security and collaborative file management for all employees any time, anywhere.

3. Optimise your website

With your online presence never being as important as it is now, think of your website as the window into your organisation. Your website provides legitimacy and acts as a one-stop-shop for all your initiatives, providing stakeholders with updates, avenues for fundraising and easy communication.

Online fundraising allows you to connect with donors from the comfort of their homes. With 81% of donors open to participating in fundraising initiatives online, digital alternatives for events and fundraisers have become the common practice.

Having trackable and secure forms and workflows on your website allows you to collect valuable information for reporting purposes as well. Your website needs to be user-friendly, up-to-date and easy to navigate, and, with smartphones replacing desktop websites, it needs to be optimised for mobile devices.

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4. Invest in the future through workforce training

To ensure the longevity of your NFP organisation, investing in training and the development of new technologies is essential. Upskilling and reskilling employees on new and updated technologies provides strategic solutions for effective business decisions.

With every NFP organisation requiring different needs, CVD is here to help you with a tailored approach to your digital transformation and training for your employees. As your MSP, we can enable key systems and processes that support your staff’s personal growth and development.

5. Develop technology partnerships to cover internal capability gaps

IT solutions can significantly improve many areas of your organisation’s operations, but can be costly to manage in-house. As a managed service provider, CVD acts as your outsourced IT department and works with your organisation to develop IT strategies that empower your business.

Partnering with CVD as your managed service provider, allows your organisation to scale via utising a range of software solutions without blowing your budget. You will have access to a highly experienced IT team, without the expense of an internal IT team. The benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Data security solutions for protection against risks and cyber attacks
  • Workplace collaboration tools for sharing, communication and instantaneous work
  • Clearly outlined goals and metrics for fundraising campaigns to encourage and accurately report donations
  • Implementation of various platforms that propel your key business drivers
  • 24-hour service line support to respond immediately to critical issues and ensure you always get help when you need it

What does this mean for you?

At CVD, we partner with you to integrate modern, personalised and innovative IT solutions for a smarter, more connected and secure work environment. We help your organisation adopt the latest technologies to deliver on your mission, meeting the needs of all your stakeholders, including employees, donors and beneficiaries.

Looking to modernise your organisation?

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