Microsoft Teams

Bridge communication gaps and stay on top of everything that matters to you using Microsoft Teams – the ultimate teamwork hub.
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Intelligent meeting experiences and collaboration tools for business.
Boost productivity and break down barriers with access to instant chats, virtual meetings, business files and applications, all in a single smart workspace. Whether you’re coming together for a one-off project or working with others in your department, Microsoft Teams allows you to keep track of the things that matter to you and collaborate seamlessly with others in your team.

Streamline your business communication and utilise real-time connectivity with collaborative platform Microsoft Teams

Collaborate based on departments or projects

Bring people together with dedicated teams relating to projects and internal departments so everyone is always in the loop.

Access and edit in real time

Whether you’re working remotely or hosting a virtual meeting, have simple access to all your files and the ability to edit and share as you go.

Communicate the way you want

Created with your business in mind, Teams allows you to collaborate, host meetings, make calls, send instant messages and edit files all in one place.

Need help getting on board with Teams? After rolling out your new collaboration platform, Cloud Voice & Data can provide Microsoft Teams training for your employees to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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