Fusion Broadband Solutions

Eliminate connectivity issues and get back to business with a fusion broadband bonded solution that is fast, reliable and intelligent.

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A comprehensive fusion broadband solution for regional coverage.

Bind multiple internet connections into a unified IP address for more reliable internet coverage. As a user, this enables increased bandwidth and provides an additional layer of security against connectivity issues in areas with poor coverage.

Providing fast and reliable internet solutions for your business

Improved Speed

By binding multiple internet connections, Fusion Broadband offers increased bandwidth and the capacity for higher upload & download speeds.

Increased Service Uptime

By adding multiple layers of redundancy, you’ll continue to receive great coverage even when one or multiple connections drop out.

Static IP over mobile broadband

Keep the same IP across all networks, meaning that any dropouts during a secure session will transition seamlessly to 4G without impact.

To maximise output, our team offers managed services to monitor and maintain your Fusion Broadband. As well as ensuring everything runs as it should, we can also customise for business needs and prioritise application traffic for critical business services. Get in touch to find out more about Fusion Broadband as a managed service.

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