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6 Major Technology Priorities for Business Leaders in 2022

At the heart of any modern workplace, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and digital teams have become some of the most important and vital figures of any business management team. Hybrid working models that balance remote and in-office work have become the new ‘normal’, solidifying the importance of masterful and adaptable IT leaders.

Gone are the days of CIOs being a back-of-office position. As businesses become more and more dependant on technology, companies need to be adaptable and business savvy. As the foundation of your technology strategy, CIOs need to strategise, lead, and innovate. CIOs are integral to providing businesses with new opportunities, simplified processes, and technology that benefits your bottom line.

To ensure that your business is correctly priorisiting new technologies, we’ve comprised 6 recommendations to help your IT processes become more agile in 2022.

1. Build a strong team

To place your business above your competitors, investing in acquiring talented specialists, staff training and employee retention is a necessity. By prioritising staff hiring and retention, you’re ensuring you have the right staff for the right job. Creating a good workplace culture is vital in attracting motivated staff who will aid your company’s progression. With many businesses adopting an increasingly digitalised edge, you may consider a shift in business strategy to reflect this. We can help you implement smarter collaborative systems to increase your company’s innovation.

2. Utilise collaborative workplaces

Technology partners can help increase workplace efficiency by enhancing digitalisation and adapting new technologies. By constantly improving digital efficiency, and moving away from outdated manual processes and security, you will create a more agile and productive work environment.

Connected workplaces with easy sharing and coworking ensure employees can connect and work together remotely in a secure and reliable way. Platforms like Microsoft Teams and other collaborative workspaces allow your team to take the workplace far beyond the walls of your office.

Learn more about workplace collaboration.

3. Embrace automated IT processes

Streamlined and automated IT processes will ensure a more productive and efficient environment to accommodate your staff and customers. Prioritising automation and shifting away from manual, expensive and redundant processes is a cost effective and secure way to improve business efficiency.

4. Commit to Cloud technologies

As Jason Segel once said, “no one understands the cloud!”

But really, it doesn’t have to be complicated. In 2022, integrating cloud technologies into your businesses day-to-day is a must. Cloud technologies improve your business by creating better accessibility and innovative practice for your staff, while enhancing your customer’s experience. Our dedicated and capable team are committed to staying up-to-date with latest product developments and can assist you with transitioning to new cloud technologies.

5. Reinforcing privacy

Being vigilant in protecting the privacy of your stakeholders is crucial to any digital strategy. As a company, your responsibilities around protecting rights to privacy ensures the protection of your internal data and customer information. Security plays a crucial part of a digital transformation journey. At CVD, we work with you to strategise the best way your policies and processes can guard your company’s data, while protecting the privacy of your employees and customers.

6. Coping with COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we interact within business and with our customers. Adopting solutions that support privacy and the needs of your workers, both at home and in the office, is essential. To move your business forward, CVD are here to help you adapt to evolving hybrid work environments in a secure, functional, and collaborative way.

As your strategic IT partner, CVD can work with you to adapt, upgrade, and strategise your business IT successfully this new year.

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