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Case Study: NFP Digital Transformation, CASPA Services

Read CASPA Services’ story to learn how the company scaled their business through a digital transformation with CVD.

“Since the onset of COVID19 over two years ago, CASPA Services has undertaken a significant digital transformation program. This was partially brought on by necessity as our entire organisation moved to remote work. However, during this discovery phase, we found that a digital transformation offered a wealth of opportunities to deliver services and programs more efficiently and sustainably for our organisation.

Our goal is to grow our organisation’s impact and improve the lives of those people entrusted into our care. The ability to deliver more services online and to support staff and volunteers through our technology infrastructure – where it be e-learning, case management, collaboration, or fundraising, is a necessity.

Investing in the right technology is critical, now and into the future. Our technology partner, Cloud Voice & Data (CVD) has been a crucial part of our journey as a ‘for-impact’ organisation. Our alignment allows us to work together to achieve the goals outlined in our digital roadmap, including becoming one of the most innovative not-for-profits in the country.”

Naarah Rodwell
CEO, CASPA Services

Who is CASPA Services?

CASPA Services is a not-for-profit charity and a leading child welfare and care services provider across New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. The CASPA team work hard every day to provide a better future for children, young people, families, and people living with disabilities in their care. With over 600 staff members and more than 30 properties and branch sites, CASPA has significant growth in its sight, forecasting adding a further 300 staff members to the team.

To successfully grow, CASPA recognised the need to develop an IT strategy that aligns with their business objectives and provide a robust and scalable technology infrastructure solution to meet all operational, service, and people requirements.

The CVD Approach

As CASPA’s technology partner, Cloud Voice & Data saw a significant need for a Digital Transformation. Consulting closely with the CASPA executive and in-house technology team, CVD designed a two-phased Digital Transformation Roadmap.

The Roadmap began with a Discovery Audit and Risk Assessment of CASPA’s technology environment. To ensure all CASPA’s unique requirements were met, CVD conducted an in-depth technology audit to understand the company’s end-users, tech infrastructure, network, telephony, and cloud domains.

We recognised that a cloud-first approach would enable CASPA’s employees to work from anywhere with confidence in the company’s ‘go anywhere’ growth strategy. The goal of the transformation was to assist not only with the day-to-day operations, but also to support the significant growth the business is experiencing.

As part of our phased approach, CVD found that the implementation of enterprise-level network capability was a critical element of the Digital Transformation Roadmap. This included:

  • Implementation of enterprise level network capability
    • Enablement of various security services & filtering for the protection of the enterprise and employees
    • Tiered access to vital CRM and data sensitivity systems
    • Implementation of carriage high availability and service continuity
    • Migration to NBN TC1, TC2, TC4, and LTE-based services
    • Delivery of SD-WAN services across corporate offices
    • Core infrastructure cabling
    • Implementation, configuration, and support of video conferencing capabilities across corporate offices
  • Migration to Office 365
    • Decommissioning and removing several on-premises infrastructure services
    • Capacity for telephony support for 600+ staff with various end-user requirements
    • Support for remote and mobile workability
    • Reduction of telephony carriage and fixed hardware asset costs

The Results

Phase one of the Transformation program saw CVD undertake a complete refresh of the Network and Desktop fleet. This included refreshing and engaging telephony, video conferencing, Office 365 adoption, and implementation of Dynamics 365 as a strategic application platform for multiple functions.

From the start, improving workplace efficiency across the organisation was a key priority. This was achieved through decreased downtime, improved network performance, telephony, and video conferencing capability, and digital strategy support.

By conducting CVD’s digital transformation, CASPA Services were able to achieve:

  • A full network refresh, Desktop fleet, Telephony, Video Conferencing, and Office365 adoption, with potential future use of Dynamics 365 as a strategic application platform for multiple functions.
  • Improvement of workplace efficiency across the organisation through decreased downtime, improved network performance, telephony and video conferencing capability and digital strategy support.

In only one year since the transformation with CVD, CASPA Services achieved a large saving through a cloud and UC upgrade.

CASPA Services continue to work with the CVD team as part of an ongoing managed service agreement to ensure that their new digital transformation will empower their business for now and far into the future.

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