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Empowered CFOs can accelerate nonprofit mission success

Today’s financial executives are not content to play an administrative or supporting role. From their unique vantage point, they see how they can contribute to the success of their organisations and help them take advantage of data and technology tools to achieve the right outcomes, faster. By transforming the role of the CFO, your nonprofit may be able to take a great step forward to realise its goals and ensure its long-term viability.

Microsoft provides a comprehensive overview of how financial leadership is evolving in their e-book “9 emerging Trends for the Futurist CFO”

In this e-book, you’ll discover how finance execs can:

  • Help their nonprofits thrive through change and reduce risk
  • Use their insight and expertise to develop a productive work-from-anywhere environment
  • Reinvent their role to make a greater contribution
  • Improve organisational decision-making
  • Innovate finance management for better performance in support of your mission
  • Collaborate with IT to reach important goals

Get in touch with us and we’ll help your organisation’s financial leadership contribute at a more strategic level to your success and growth. We are here to work with you to modernise your technology as you transform finance management. In addition, we can advise you about taking advantage of the many grants, offers, and programs that Microsoft makes available to nonprofits.

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