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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Scale Up Your Business

The goal of any business owner is to grow and expand without being hampered – but are your current systems helping you scale up?

Microsoft offers a range of platforms, business applications and cloud services that are designed to integrate seamlessly to enable you to easily scale your business.

With a revenue surpassing $168 billion USD in 2021, Microsoft has become one of the largest commercial cloud companies in the world. And it’s not hard to see why. With automated marketing capabilities and seamless data source integrations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables businesses to greatly improve their operational efficiency.

As a proud Microsoft partner, Cloud Voice & Data are here to help you scale your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The challenge facing many businesses today is bringing customers and businesses together efficiently with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and client relationship management (CRM) systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an integrated and automated software suite that serves as both a comprehensive CRM and ERP system, integrating your sales, marketing, services, operations applications and more. This application synergy removes barriers to deliver and inform powerful, results-driven data for your business.

Dynamics 365 is a suite of AI-driven applications that delivers clarity of data and streamlines business communication and customer relationships across your business. This helps business leaders deliver comprehensive end-user support and manage customer relationships.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 unites your customers and business with comprehensive project execution for a wide range of industries from anywhere with ease.

With Dynamics 365, your business can:

  • Increase data visibility
    Find clarity in your operation with all business and customer data, all in one place. Dynamics 365 pulls from hundreds of sources and analyses with ease. Access analytics, business’ performance reports, and customer feedback all in real-time on a secure cloud server anytime, anywhere.
  • Break through barriers
    With Dynamics 365, your business will achieve a seamless single point of information for every level of access within your organisation, breaking down business silos and improving application cross-functionality.
  • Get better insights, and better outcomes
    Dynamic 365’s real-time analytics and customer insights enables your business to take a more proactive, strategic approach to guide successful decision making.

With Dynamics 365, your business can easily manage back-of-office functionalities to manage customer relationships and also manage content and digital assets from a number of devices.

Dynamics 365 & Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based infrastructure and server for Microsoft managed software. Being completely managed online, your business can directly access your IaaS environment from anywhere. Dynamics 365 works with Azure Cloud to host your CRM and ERP securely on your business’ cloud.

Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud provide your business with great potential to scale. By utilising a cloud system with CRM and ERP capabilities, your business can eliminate the need for hosting and infrastructure maintenance; enabling you to focus on ERP and CRM strategies to grow your business from a number of devices.

Our team can assist with connecting Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud for reliable, secure and cost-efficient project performance providing smoothly run, worry-free operations.

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Dynamics 365 with CVD

As your trusted strategic IT partner, we are committed to delivering synergy and value for our customers with better business outcomes and ongoing personalised services. No matter the industry, we can help with a personalised Dynamics 365 solution for you.

Our Resources Business Unit specialises in integrating ERP and CRM systems through Microsoft Dynamics 365, creating innovative and cost-effective solutions to help your business scale up.

We specialise in current and previous applications of Dynamics 365 for finance and operations (ERP), and customer engagement (CRM).

We provide comprehensive assistance to your business with guidance throughout the implementation, training and management process to ensure maximum return on investment for your business.

The Cloud Voice & Data team support the implementation, training and management of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure maximum return on investment

Written by Trent Gale
Managing Director at Cloud Voice & Data.

Trent is head of an IT firm that offers continuous end user support for hundreds of customers throughout Australia.

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