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Meet Trent, CVD’s Managing Director

Looking at the market through a different lens, our Managing Director, Trent, takes a strategic approach when it comes to technology in modern business.

As Managing Director of Strategic Reform, a consulting and resourcing firm in Canberra, for over 12 years, Trent understands first-hand the prospects technology brings to modern businesses. So when an opportunity arose five years ago to acquire Cloud Voice & Data, Trent jumped at the chance. With over 20 years in the consulting world, Trent is more than your average tech industry leader.

After rebranding the company and undergoing a market upgrade, Cloud Voice & Data is now one of the fastest-growing managed service provider in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Taking time out of his busy schedule, Trent sat down with us to answer a few questions about himself and Cloud Voice & Data.

What is your education and working experience?

I have a double degree in Business and Human Resource Management, but I didn’t begin my career in the information technology sector – rather in management consulting. I worked at a national consulting firm for a multinational technology company and engaged in a number of IT projects.

What began your interest in the IT industry?

I saw the opportunity to incorporate my strategic and innovative experiences to drive success for clients through technology and thus, Cloud Voice & Data was born. Technology plays a huge role in modern business and we help businesses achieve their ambitions by incorporating IT solutions and strategies that help them achieve their objectives.

How has your background in consulting influenced your approach at Cloud Voice & Data?

I have a knack for articulating visions and growth for clients, which saw me move to the end-to-end technology sector. We now focus on digital transformations and technology strategies to help our clients grow and achieve their business goals.

Briefly describe your role as Managing Director?

I focus predominantly on broadly ensuring client outcomes are delivered at a high level, and maintain senior relationships within our team and the businesses we partner with. I also work with our team to develop innovative sales strategies to ensure our clients meet their goals through technology solutions.

What do you bring to Cloud Voice & Data?

At CVD, engaging with and delivering solutions to our clients is key, and understanding the organisations we work with helps us to develop our processes. Our approach to assisting clients begins with a personalised strategy that articulates visions for where a business wants to be and we build an IT strategy from there.

When you’re not hard at work, what do you find yourself doing?

When not at work I spend as much time as I can outdoors. Whether that be golfing, being out on the water- jet-skiing, boating or fishing.

What makes Cloud Voice & Data different from other managed service providers?

We offer more than solutions to our clients. We look at a business’ strategy through a different lens. Our team brings capability in terms of our proficient personnel and we look at the difference we can make for our clients by pursuing measurable solutions that align with where our clients are heading strategically. We grow their automation, increase customer engagement, and introduce innovative solutions to streamline processes. At CVD, we do whatever it takes to better our clients.

How would you describe the workplace culture at Cloud Voice & Data?

Our strong comradery is not just limited to our team. As technology partners for our clients, we work to support all our stakeholders – clients, partners and co-workers. Our highly energised workplace means we know when to have fun, but more importantly – we know when to work hard!

What is your favourite part about working at Cloud Voice & Data?

Providing a measurable difference for businesses and organisations stands out the most. The thought leadership CVD offer allows us to engage, sell and deliver on a broad range of products and services that positively influence the clients we work with.

Where do you think the tech industry is heading?

With cloud-based solutions thriving, the tech industry is looking at more consolidation across providers, and cross-fertilisation of products and services. Technology solutions from a range of providers will become synonymous with one another. We will see more compatibility and automation in the industry across the board, chatbots, hybrid working environments, AI automation and more.

Where do you see Cloud Voice & Data heading in the future?

We look to continuously grow and improve. We will continue to build our brand and reputation, the quality of partner and client relationships, and our service offerings. CVD is looking to strengthen our regional involvement across the Northern Territory, the east coast of Queensland and New South Wales and add acquisitions to the business. Our team will continue to grow our Microsoft offerings and build upon the solutions and services we offer.

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