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Monthly Top Tips: Best Practice For Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a team collaboration and content management tool that can be used to support a wide range of capabilities. Sharepoint allows you to store files, manage information and work collaboratively on your professional documents and content.

SharePoint is a cloud-based system included in your existing Office 365 account and is compatible with applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Office etc.

So are you using best practices for managing Microsoft SharePoint in your business? Check out our top tips for SharePoint below!

  1. Name your files consistently to locate your documents easily
  2. Utilise SharePoint alerts, allowing users to be alerted via email when a change is made to a document they are working on
  3. Tag your documents to help locate your files in the same category
  4. Use the lock feature to secure documents, ensuring an unauthorised user cannot make changes to a document
  5. Manage access requests by setting up a specific support email so someone requesting access to a file can be approved in a timely manner

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Work remotely, enhance business processes and automate operational workflows in a cohesive team environment with Microsoft SharePoint.

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