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Monthly Top Tips: Best Practices for OneDrive

Why choose Microsoft OneDrive for your business?

Microsoft OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage management system integrated into the Microsoft 365 platform. OneDrive’s cloud storage service enables you to access your files from a variety of devices, such as your laptop and smartphone (when you’re logged into your Microsoft 365 account).

It works as a warehouse for your personal files and can be operated offline, enabling you access to documents even with a poor or limited internet connection.

OneDrive’s enhanced collaboration capabilities provides secure file sharing inside and outside your organisation, so you can work collaboratively with your colleagues.

Are you getting the most out of your OneDrive account?

Here are our 5 top tips for optimising your OneDrive account.

  1. Sync files from your OneDrive to your personal computer.
    This allows files to be available offline and stores a copy of your file or folder available on your computer and on the cloud.
  2. Save files to your OneDrive to backup your documents.
    Not only will this ensure that your files are secure, but you will be able to access them when logged into your OneDrive account.
  3. Set up a dedicated shared folder to work collaboratively with your team.
    This will allow anyone with the link the ability to edit documents in the folder.
  4. Use keywords when saving documents or files.
    This will help you search for your files in your OneDrive.
  5. Secure your OneDrive account using two-factor authentication
    This will add another layer of protection to your OneDrive Account, making logging into your Microsoft account difficult for someone else.

Securely work on and share your files with Microsoft OneDrive. As proud Microsoft partners, CVD’s expert team is here to help you to enhance workplace collaboration and increase productivity through Microsoft OneDrive.

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