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The Impact of Technology in Not-For-Profit Organisations

With more than 600,000 organisations nationwide, The not-for-profit (NFP) sector in Australia is large and diverse, accounting for roughly 10% of the national workforce – that’s around 1.2 million people.

By effectively utilising digital technologies, NFPs across multiple sectors can achieve streamlined processes, transparency and effective communications amongst staff and the wider community.

So, if technology can expand the reach and depth of an NFP organisation, why is the not-for-profit sector lagging behind in the uptake of beneficial technology?

Reportedly, 64% of Australian and New Zealand NFP organisations are ‘less than satisfied’ with the way they use technology. By encouraging and implementing new technologies and IT resources, your organisation can operate more efficiently, improve engagement and be rewarded with a further reach.

As your technology partner, CVD is here to help strategise, guide and implement technology IT solutions to transform your NFP organisation.

Find out how technology can help to transform your not-for-profit organisation below.

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How not-for-profit organisations can utilise technology

So often we see NFP organisations not taking advantage of new technology and digital tools that would be beneficial to them. Accessing sophisticated data collection and analysis tools is more affordable and accessible than ever and, despite the size and importance of the Australian NFP sector, we still see a lag in new technology adoption.

We are seeing a new wave of challenges facing the NFP sector in maintaining and building human and financial support in a highly competitive funding environment. How organisations effectively use and engage with technologies to combat these support systems is essential going forward.

Organisations that understand the importance of data measurement and technological engagement have the upper hand as technology grants have become more competitive than ever.

For any organisation, engaging in a variety of digital strategies and transformations will help with operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. But it doesn’t stop there. Technology provides NFPs with a vast amount of opportunities across the sector, including:

  • Demonstrating transparency & accountability
  • Accepting donations & fundraising
  • Stakeholder engagement (with donors and volunteers)
  • Raising awareness
  • Measuring performance outcomes
  • Maintaining stakeholder information
  • Track and report organisations’ performance

By using the right technology for the right purposes, NFPs can operate more efficiently and deliver services more effectively. As your managed IT provider, CVD works with you to discover IT solutions that work best for your organisation.

Streamline Collaboration Processes & Adopt Digital Practices

In this era of technological advancements, we have never had more ways to gather information, connect with stakeholders or collaborate digitally. At CVD, we help NFPs to implement workplace collaboration tools to streamline workflow and enhance digital collaboration.

We provide a number of services to combat many technical challenges and discrepancies that your NFP organisation may face. Not only will these solutions benefit your digital experience, but they will also increase your organisations’ revenue more efficiently.

You can embrace digital transformation at your organisation by utilising IT platforms and applications ranging from ERP systems, CRM software and cybersecurity platforms. This will enable you to streamline your processes for better reporting and compliance procedures, increase your stakeholder and internal communication and allocate your resources more effectively.

When it comes to IT solutions for streamlining your practices, our team of specialists are here for you. As industry experts in cloud, voice and data solutions, we are here to help you and your organisation. From online meetings and video conferencing, to messaging, sharing, co-working and beyond, we’re here to help you create a connected and collaborative workplace from anywhere at any time.

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Benefits of Technology Solutions for NFPs

Having centralised and consistent IT processes is essential for NFPs. Technology provides NFPs with greater reach and increases the ability to serve their community.

To engage and communicate effectively with stakeholders and grantors, your organisation needs to be able to produce and supply up-to-date data easily. Electronic communication platforms offer convenience to both staff and stakeholders by providing up-to-date information about your organisation.

Technology and IT strategies make it easy for everybody involved in your not-for-profit organisation. Our team at CVD can provide personalised solutions for you. We offer solutions with centralised locations where data can be stored on the cloud, and collaboration tools with easy access for employees and volunteers.

Implementing T and digital solutions makes for easier reporting and updating. Being able to provide all stakeholders with reports of progress and goals in real-time helps your NFP comply with financial laws and regulations too.

IT Solutions for NFPs

As a specialised team of IT and technology professionals, Cloud Voice & Data are here to help to innovate and elevate your NFP to meet modern technology platforms. We’re dedicated to providing innovative technology systems to make running your organisation simple and efficient – from anywhere, at any time.

Microsoft has released the general availability of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, which leverages Microsoft 365 (Outlook, SharePoint and Teams) and Cloud-based platforms (Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure and Linked in).

As a proud Microsoft partner, we specialise in personalised solutions to serve your not-for-profit organisation. We provide efficient and transparent solutions that will improve engagement with stakeholders, employees and supporters alike.

Book a free 30 minute consultation with us to learn more about how Cloud Voice & Data can support with technology and resources for Not For Profit Organisations.

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