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Top 10 Signs That You’re in Need of Data Recovery

It can be hard to imagine how your life would change if you lost all of the data on your computer.

Data loss prevention is something that everyone needs to think about, but not many people take it seriously.

A hard drive carries files of great importance. It could be anything from media you want to keep to sensitive files connected to work or business.

If it gets compromised, it may be difficult to recover every single thing on a hard drive.

Data recovery is one way for a person to ensure that they don’t lose their data because of failing computer parts.

This article will give you the ten signs that indicate when you may need data recovery services.

1. All Your Files Are Gone, Even Those That You Didn’t Delete

If you open your computer and find that everything is gone, then that is a sign that you have to go get your data recovered. This may mean that every single file on your computer may be gone because of complete storage failure. 

2. Drive Not Showing up in Windows Explorer

Similarly, if you cannot access all or some of your files on Windows, then something has already gone wrong. Files that cannot be found are a sign that the data stored on your hard drive or computer has already been lost or damaged. 

3. You Are Plagued With BSOD

The dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD) is an error that every Windows user does not want to encounter.

“If a BSOD happens, then a massive system error has occurred within your computer.”

You may have difficulty accessing your files if your computer experiences a BSOD every time it boots up–which may lead to file loss in need of data recovery.

4. Malware/Virus Infection

A malware or virus infection does nothing good for your computer. Though there are many different kinds of these infections, some are designed to deal damage to your data. This damage can completely corrupt data stored inside storage devices.

5. You Spilled Liquid on Your Device

Viruses are not the only thing that can damage your computer’s data. Physical damage is also a threat to the integrity of the files stored within a computer. If liquids like coffee or soda get inside your computer, it may also damage your computer’s storage device, which can damage your data.

6. Unexpected Power Outage

Physical damage is not only limited to spilled drinks on the computer. Power outages can also stress your computer, including your hard drives. Data can be damaged because of this.

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7. Data is Lost

Data that is completely inaccessible is a bad sign for your precious data. If you cannot access or find your data after a thorough full system scan, then you will have a hard time finding your data normally. Data recovery methods can help with finding files that cannot be found.

8. “Windows Has Detected a Hard Disk Problem”

If you encounter this error message, then it means your operating system has detected a hard drive failure within your system. This can be caused by a variety of reasons like a physical failure, fragmentation, or the drive just nearing its end of life. 

9. No power to the drive

When you boot up your computer, your hard drive puts out data that the computer will use when starting up. However, if your computer would not boot because of your hard drive, then your data may be damaged or in danger of being lost.

10. You Have Deleted Some Important Files

There are usually methods to recover files if they are accidentally deleted. However, if none of these methods work for you, then you will need to use data recovery services to gather all of your deleted files back.

Final Thoughts

If you have experienced any of these ten signs, then your data may not be completely safe.

Losing all of your data is a scary thing. However, if you do ever find yourself in a situation like this where you may have lost your files or data, then remember that you may need data recovery to reacquire lost data.

In recovering data, it is important to have experts do the job for you to ensure the highest success rate of recovery. Book a consultation with us to find out the best options for your data recovery and other cloud needs!

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